Harshini is a passionate Photographer and  Film maker graduated from College of Engineering, Guindy. She has been practicing photography for the last 8 years and specialised in Travel and Wildlife Photography. She has done few documentaries and has stepped towards film making now.  She is now made her directorial debut. She runs a Video Production House – Milir Pictures. The firm has co- produced Three Indie features so far. Here is a note from her  – ” I am an avid traveller. I feel traveling keeps me moving, I go by the saying “To travel is To Live”. In  every travel I am discovering  my own self  and  becoming a better person. What else is more significant than Self exploration ? I would say its the best of all discoveries. The world is too big for one life to explore  but if you step out there is a whole world before you to wander and  get lost.  I feel travel is not only about getting lost but also about  getting back to Home, for not all those who wander are lost! This Blog is vast, I feel Literature and Arts are the essence of life and I go by the Verse ” I read, I travel, I become” so I am here to  share all about my Tales and Travels. Thanks for Joining me “